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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

6 Week mark

Tomorrow will be 6 wks that our dossier is in Ministry hands awaiting approval. I know I was told 6-8 wks but have seen many families receive their approval in 6 wks so I was hoping we would be in the 6 wk area as well. I worry that the dossier isn't even there, that for some reason it didn't make it there and we won't know until 8 wks as that is when my Case Worker will call for an update. I worry that it's taking that long due to issues the gov't may have about us. This approval will at least put my mind at ease that we "according to gov't standards" will be allowed to have a family. I know that the wait for the referral will be much harder and the wait for travel even worse but at this point i'm sitting here waiting for a gov't official to decide if we will be good parents. What will I do if they say no. The odds of that are rare I understand and there is nothing in the home study to suggest that we would be not approved but what if, what if, what if, is always in my mind. An approval will mean that, yes, I will still have to wait to expand our family with a little one, but at least I will know that the "out of our hands" decisions are done with.

I hope i'm not being selfish in this next statement, but I ask you all to please pray that we will receive our approval soon and that I can officially wear my "Expecting from Ethiopia" tshirt. I really don't mean to sound so discouraged I just want this hurdle over and done with. My birthday is this Friday and i've been wishing all month for that as a birthday gift, so maybe Friday will be the day.

thanks for listening.


Cilla said...

Natalie - hang in there! You'll get word this week I bet (and I'll be looking for your announcement :)). My husband Roger and I got ours in six weeks, then it took only 10 days for authentication. Good luck and hope you can wear your Tee soon!!


Rhonda and Kristin said...

That is so crazy that it's been that long at the ministry!! Ridiculous!! It just sucks that you can't storm the building and make a big scene to make them process quicker. Lack of control sucks in this adoption process! Thinking of you.


Rana said...

Natalie, Yvan and I are sending you and Chris a whole whack of positive energy!

I hope you get your approval SOON!!!!


Natalie and Chris said...

Thank you all so much. I must sound like a suck to you all who have been waiting wayyyyyy longer, but it helps to know that you have been there and you know how I feel. Thank you all again. Cyber hugs to you all.

Rana said...

P.S. I emailed you back - did you get it? We have been having issues with our email this week.

Thanks for thinking of me :)

Tammy said...


Thinking of you and praying that your approval comes this week. Ours took 8 weeks, they made a mistake and we sent it back. It took another 8 weeks for the mistake to be corrected!!!!!

Just think...once it does arrive you can send your dossier off...our dossier took less than 2 weeks to arrive in Ethiopia!

Thinking of you. Stay strong.


The Mannings said...

I know what a huge relief it was when we got our approval -it will be soon!!!! Hang in and be ready to do your happy dance!!!!

The Warren Family said...

I hope you hear from them soon!
We waited 11 weeks to hear from the ministry, but I think things have gotten faster snce then so you should hear something soon.
I found the ministr wait really hard as well.

Patsy said...

Nat and Chris, I'm sending you guys lots of possitive energie. I really wanted you guys to know that even though we don't see each other :( I'm always thinking of you guys and your journey. You guys are great and will make perfect parents soon for sure!
By the way I think it's so great to have you post all your thoughts and information like this...thanks, it makes me feel a bit closer to you's.
Your friend who miss's you guys lots,
Patsy xo