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Thursday, October 30, 2008


To all who know me, you know that my birthday is tomorrow and every (I mean every) year I get an ice cream cake for my birthday. Well my parents are leaving town this weekend and weren't going to be around so we are celebrating it on Monday which is great. However this evening, just after Chris got home from work, my mom and dad showed up at my door with a surprise birthday cake for me, and of course it was my ice cream cake. They said it just wouldn't be the same if I get it next week. Here's a pic of the cake and of me with it. They sang me "Happy Birthday" we watched my TV interview I had this week and it was great. I just thought I would share it with you all as it really lifted my spirits. Thank you Mom and Dad. xoxox


Tammy said...

Awesome cake! What a thoughtful family you have! I hope that you have a fantastic birthday...I hope to read that your approval came in for your birthday present. Here's wishing! :)



The Warren Family said...

I love the cake!! and I love the t-shirt!! Happy Birthday!! What is it like having a B-day on Halloween?


(PS. what is your email addy and I will send you the info fo the calendar?) Thanks! Mine is

Marion said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Have a great day!


Patsy said...

Happy b-day again Nat! You look great, keep smiling my friend!!
Love Pat xxoo

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Your approval is just around the corner!

Steph :-)

Tammy said...

Just wanted to wish you happy birthday again...hope it is a good one! :)


Rana said...

Happy Birthday from Vancouver!!!

Hope you had a great day!