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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ARGHHHH 10 Pounds

What the heck is this about? I weighed myself yesterday and low and behold I have gained 10 lbs since this process began. I'm not pregnant, why would I be gaining wait you may ask. Well let see, since i'm not a millionaire and can't do as much retail therapy as I would like, i tend to do another kind of therapy....eating....not eating good stuff, that would be to eating junk food, all the time. I eat when I have a bad day, I eat when i'm nervous, I eat when I can't stand the wait anymore and so on. What will I look like in a year from now? I'm guessing alot bigger than I am now and still



Rhonda and Kristin said...

Oh hello, join the club!! With all our IVF treatments and then straight into adoption, I gained about 25 lbs!!! Now, I'm in Weight Watchers and I've lost 12 of it...darn stress eating gets me every time!


Craig and Jaclyn said...

JOIN teh club!! I also gained 15 lbs while waiting for Judah! But I lost 10 of those in Ethiopia...probably not hte 'healthiest' way! :):) I'd give you advice...except I don't have any...other than eat a lot of food while you are in ET! :):)

About CAS...they didn't guarantee any timelines at all. We'd be doing the 'foster to adopt' we'd be living with the child for a couple of years before it is all legallized.