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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm a few days late with this news but only because i've been on the road and super busy. I also didn't really know how to feel or what to write. So as i'm sitting here in a very dumpy hotel in Thunder Bay 13 hrs away from home and waiting for my next appointment I figured I would give it a shot.

THE ADOPTION IS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well that wasn't so

My son, my dear son will eventually be home. We will have to wait a little longer, and we will have to financially invest a little more but who cares, my son will be home. A month ago, I had no confidence in the plan, not because I didn't want to believe but because my heart wouldn't allow me to believe. But my dear, sweet, amazing, husband never stopped, he has always stayed positive and kept sending me his positive energy and I thank him for that. I never knew our love could grow stronger but it did, he his my soul mate, my other half and without him I would not have gotten through it. Thank you for loving me and supporting me through good times and bad. I cannot imagine my life without you. xoxoxo

I am still scared to say he WILL come home as it was so hard to deal with thinking that he may not, but I will say it, HE WILL COME HOME and I WILL BELIEVE IT.

We have all been through a rough few months, and we all became bonded for life after this experience, but I want to thank you all, my adoptive families, for your amazing support. Even those that are not with IA but always there to try and help. I also appreciate the space everyone gave us to allow us to deal with this in our own way without pushing us to feel things we may not have been ready for.

My family, here at home, has been so supportive throughout all this, and I tend to forget that this was painful for them as well. I apologize for that. Without you to provide that shoulder to cry on, the ear to listen and sometimes that silent hug to let me cry, it would have been way more difficult. I thank you for that. You were able to be strong for Chris and I although you were hurting as well and you always remained positive in front of us. You were always there to go into Kaysens room for me when I couldn't and I never even thought of how hard it must be for you to go into his room, I just knew I couldn't do it. The words "Thank you" are definitely not enough to express the gratitude, so I vow to keep showing you everyday how appreciated you and what you did are.

I love you all very much, and thank you all very much.

oh yeah, one more thing,

KAYSEN WILL COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

DARN RIGHT HE WILL!!! Now let's get down to business and enough of all this nonsense!


Rana and Yvan said...

Congrats!!! Such awesome news :)

The Mannings said...

He WILL come home - i just know it!!! Its so exciting - and scary all at the same time. We are still in it together!!!

Carolyn said...

Congrats- that is really great news. I hope that things move along quickly and that your dreams come true before your eyes!


Sarah said...

I love this post. Kaysen will come home!!!!!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

YAY!!!!! So happy for you :)