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Thursday, February 25, 2010

15 months

Month 15 is here, a place I never thought I would be. The last month has been a tough month, but not on the adoption front. Since the amazing referrals in the last few months, my adoption attitude is doing pretty good. I figure we are lucky to still be on this journey an we are even luckier that things are moving along quickly. It's been a tough month because my husband was not with me for another month. All month I have been counting down the days to his arrival and it was a hard count down. As mentioned in previous post I ache for him when he is not here.

Yesterday I got to pick him up at the airport, it was amazing. The anticipation waiting for him to walk through the doors was crazy, i couldn't hold back my tears. As I was waiting for him I thought to myself, "if you can't handle this how the heck will you handle flying across country and waiting to see and hold your son? ", something I wonder all the time.

Anyways, Chris is home now, although for a short time and I'm loving every minute of it. I wake up smiling and smile all day long. He is the best and having him here makes me a better person.

On to 16.... please let there be more referrals this month.


Sarah said...

So glad you two get to spend some time together!!! Yeah!

Stephanie said...

Enjoy your time together!! And yes lets bring on those referrals!

Steph :-)

Alysia and Derrick said...

Wow Natalie. I can't even imagine how incredibly hard that would be to have to be apart that long at a time. I hope your house sells very soon so that you can move and be together again.

I'm glad things are happening on the adoption front and I will pray that things continue to go smoothly and quickly with Imagine referrals.

Take care! Alysia

Lj said...

Aw - Enjoy having your best friend with you...even if it is only for a few days! Here's hoping time crawls by while he's there!

Heidi said...

Yeah... There's nothing better than being married to your best friend. So glad you guys are back together again.