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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Chris and I are needing your ideas. We are racking our brains trying to find ways to save extra money to help in our adoption journey. Although we would love to walk to the end of a rainbow and find our pot of gold, we have to be realistic and find other ways.

We have heard of many people who have done fundraisers to help bring their children home and we are looking for ideas as well as how we can go about doing a fundraiser. I'm scared that people out in the world will feel we are crazy if we ask for funds. So to those who have done fundraisers, how did you go about it, how did others react to it and what is the best way to get started?

Any ideas will help. We are so close to the finish line but yet feel so far away. We are simply looking for suggestions as we are begining to run out of ideas.

We thank you in advance for your input.
Nat and Chris


shannon said...

HI ,

I do not have much experience in this area at all during a time I needed some help. My dad who lives in Montreal was able to buy a set of Hockey tickets to a VIP section ( all you can eat and drink ) The family helped sell tickets , It was an easy sell as hockey tickets pretty much sell themselves in Montreal , My sister took piles to the office It helped it was not a huge amount but we all found it kinda exciting.
So maybe a hot item that folks would want to win. We kept in small as we did not want to break any rules etc so we did not do any public selling
hope this helps maybe.

ps I have also read about garage sales where friends drop off items they do not need and if you have the space to collect a garage full of stuff ?

june said...

The only thing I did for my adoption was a massive garage sale - I asked for donations from everyone I knew, and rented a van to go pick up the big stuff. I had signs up - 50% going to Canadian Humanitarian and I had their brochures, If anyone asked, I told them the rest was to raise money for travel expenses on my adoption trip. I made almost $2000, and some people overpaid or said keep the change, etc.

You could also consider Barefoot Books - it's free to join as an independent sales person, and you can make anywhere from 20% to 50% profit. Here's a link with more info

and one specifically about fundraising

good luck!

Carey said...

You could try this........Barefoot Venus is a company in Kelowna that sells bath and body products are created by these two sisters. They do fundraisers for schools so I am thinking if you approached them, and asked for the same package they would perhaps be able to help you. These products sell themselves especially so close to Christmas for gifts etc. They havve a website so might be worth it to contact them.