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Sunday, October 17, 2010


On Thanksgiving weekend, I finally got to meet someone I have wanted to meet for almost 3 years.
When I first began my adoption journey I received an email from another adoptive mother named Tammy. The bond I felt with this soon to be mother was something different. I knew from that first email she knew exactly what I was going through, the pain I felt and the emptiness inside was something we shared. Tammy was my first "adoption friend", a TRUE friend. Someone that I could only hope to meet someday but knew even if I didn't that we would be friends forever.
Over the years we have shared moments of pain, and moments of joy, including the arrival of her daughter Josina over a year ago. I also got to meet Josina and wow what a wonderful child she is. They are amazing with her and I can only hope to be as lucky someday.
Having moved to BC had given me a greater chance of meeting Tammy someday, she was one of the first people I told we were moving, in hopes that we could meet half way someday and this past weekend we were able to make it happen.
Luckly for me, Tammy has family that lives just over an hour away, and with her kindness and generousity she volunteered to pass some baby items on to us and bring them with her to her brother's home for me to pick up. Although Thanksgiving weekend was a crazy busy weekend for both of us we both made the time to meet and I am so happy we did. As soon as I saw Tammy I felt I was hugging someone I knew for a long long time. The bond I thought we had was there, and although we didn't have much time to sit and chat we did go out for a coffee and it was like I was chatting with an old friend.
She is truly as nice, kind and generous as I thought she was and luck for me I go to me her husband Sidney and hang out with Josina.
This meeting has opened up a new stage to our friendship and I can't wait to spend more time with my TRUE FOREVER FRIEND.
Thank you so much for always being there for me throughout the last couple of years. It's always been nice to know that I wasn't alone and that you always knew and felt what I was feeling. Your friendship is cherished everyday and I look forward to being FOREVER FRIENDS and discussing the joys and pains of motherhood with you. xo

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