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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

9th Month

We are still digesting that we are pregnant, let alone 9 MONTHS pregnant. Mommy and baby are feeling great. A few aches and pains but nothing we can't handle. My last day of work was July 28th 2011. I felt quite alot of pain in my pelvic area that morning and came home after an hour of being at work and hardly being able to walk. I'm guessing it was the baby dropping but i'm not 100%, I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow and i'll know more. My work suggested I go on sick leave to assure the safety of our baby and I agreed. The last week had been a hard one going into work. So I'm starting my mat leave 2 weeks earlier than I originally planned but I have been enjoying my time since. I've been able to take a much needed nap in the afternoons and I have been focusing on baby, which is the most important part.
We are now in the month of August, the month our little princess is due to make her grand appearance. Are we ready? Wow, what a question. Physically we have everything and more of what we need for her arrival home. Emotionally it's exciting, scary, emotional, all mixed into one big smiling moment. We have no idea what to expect once she arrives and we are ok with that. We can only go one day at a time. I have never been so worried about anything else in my life, but I'm thinking that is just the mommy in me. I worry about everything. I look around my house completely different, hazards everywhere. As a couple Chris and I have been together for over 10 yrs with dogs to keep us company, we are definitely ready for the next step; however, are fully aware that it won't be easy. We feel our love and support for one another will overcome. We have been through so much to be blessed as we are, it will surely make us stronger in the end.
The countdown has begun, and I keep imagining the day, how will it happen? Where will I be when labour begins? Will it be day time or night time? Will it all be okay? Will Chris be with me or at work? Will my family be around? Will I be able to handle the pain? Will I be able to handle the joy? Will our princess be okay?
So many questions that will soon have answers. We are sooooo excited. I still can't believe we WILL be parents within the next 5 weeks.... Yahoooooo!!!


Derrick, Alysia, and Levi said...

Totally awesome Natalie! Can't wait to see pictures of her in your arms. When Levi finally came along I also wondered many of those things. But it was such a miracle the first time we held him and then even though we still worried, it was different somehow. He was in our arms and all was right with the world! I'm just SO happy for you!

Stephanie said...

Soooo happy for you!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Steph :-) xoxo